RWD Disc Brake floating Rotor

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RWD Disc Brake floating Rotor

Floating Disc Brake Rotor

The clean and modern design of the fully floating disc rotor conceals a couple of high-tech advancements in braking. With the Direct Drive system, the two parts of the disc rotor are “dove-tailed” together. This unique design significantly reduces the stresses in the fixing pin and allows highly conductive aluminium centre to be used, improving heat transfer from the outer ring.

Due to its excellent heat dissipating properties the RWD floating disc rotor offers consistent performance even on the longest descents both road or off-road.

Light Rotor

The RWD Light rotors have been designed specifically to address some of the issues associated with light weight disc rotors, “pulsating” and poor lateral stiffness, and by solving these issues make them ideal for both MTB and road bike applications.

One major issue with light-weight disks, with large cut-outs on the braking surface is the “pulsating” vibrations that get transmitted from the brake pads through the forks and back to the brake lever. This latest’s generation of braking ring eliminates this issue.


A safer alternative to anodized alloy bolts, the RWD disc rotor mounting bolts are made of 10B21 Boron steel and available in a choice of colours. Each pack contains 12 x T25 torx head bolts.

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