Continental Trail King II Performance TR Folding Tyre

Size: 27.5" x 2.2
Sale price£38.00


Continental Trail King II Performance TR Folding Tyre

The Continental Trail King II received a light modification of the shoulder studs that causes a better cornering grip. Furthermore, it guarantees the best traction with its multitude of small knobs on any difficult trail. This tire shines on all-mountain and enduro bikes with a suspension travel of greater than 140mm. The high-volume casing also offers plenty of comfort and protection against pinch flats. The rider constantly gets feedback and can adapt easily to the conditions to remain in flow.

The affordable basic folding tire has no extras like Apex or BlackChili. The performance folding bead model comes with a honeycomb sidewall design. It also features a 180 tpi high-density casing.


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