Clarks CRS C2 CNC 2-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake 160mm

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Clarks CRS C2 CNC 2-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake 160/160mm


​The CRS C2 is a 2 piston hydraulic disc brake which provides the rider with a powerful, strong brake set, featuring full adjustment and modulation. Each calliper has self-adjusting pistons with machined piston heads for reduced friction operation. Heat dissipation features designed into the rotor, work in conjunction with the calliper, to keep braking performance consistent and in-turn help to reduce pad wear. Lightweight 2 finger brake levers offer controlled, sensitive braking with lever reach adjustment and comfortable ergonomic lever blades. The C2  is supplied with aerospace grade aluminium floating rotors with stainless steel braking bands, hoses and mineral oil.

  • 2 Pistons: 2 x 22mm self adjusting pistons
  • CNC'd single piece calliper
  • 2-Finger Lever: reach adjustment, 2 finger ergonomic lever
  • Floating rotor: high quality floating rotor, CNC'd aerospace aluminium


• 2 Piston hydraulic brake system 
• Suitable for MTB, downhill and e-bikes
• Rigid single piece CNC’d calliper
• High quality anodised finish
• 2 x 22mm Self adjusting pistons
• 2 Finger ergonomic lever 
• Lever reach adjustment
• Mineral oil fluid to protect the environment
• Floating Stainless steel rotors
• Disc pad type - VRX852

• Front calliper and lever - 218g
• Rear calliper and lever - 238g
• 160mm Rotor - 108g

Complies with and exceeds:
ISO 4210 regulations
EN 15194 regulations

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