Zefal Z Sealant Bottle with Syringe - 1 Litre

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Zefal Z Sealant Bottle with Syringe - 1 Litre


  • Puncture prevention sealant
  • The Z-Sealant was designed for preventing punctures
  • It needs to be injected into the valve for a tube or into the side of the tyre for a tubeless
  • The Z-Sealant prevents punctures up to 3mm
  • The latex-based-formulation remains efficient for 6 months
  • In case of hot weather, it is recommanded to use Z-SEALANT more regularly
  • It won't freeze
  • The Z-Sealant contains less than 1% amonia and won't damage your tyres
  • Shake before use

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