Size: 205 x 60mm
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The highly anticipated DVO air shock has landed. We spent two years of development time to craft an air shock that could stand up to the abuse from the best riders in the world. Air volume is easily tunable via air volume spacers that can be removed or installed in a matter of minutes. Unmatched small bump compliance and damping is achieved from the bladder and loader style compression unit. Cooling fins on the reservoir allow heat to effectively dissipate from the shock, keeping temperatures low and damping consistent. The T3 Compression adjust gives you three compression settings for pedalling, traversing and descending.

  • Air Volume Tuning: The new Topaz allows you to tune the volume in both the positive and negative side to achieve a more progressive or linear feel. This is done with the provided running bands that come with your DVO Topaz. The tuning bands can be installed in the shock in a matter of minutes and in some cases without having to remove the shock from the bike.
  • Cooling Fins: On the reservoir of the shock, we’ve implicated the use of cooling fins to dissipate heat keeping the shock running cool even in the harshest conditions.
  • T3 Compression Adjust: “on the fly” compression makes it quick and easy to switch into the climb, traverse, or descend mode.
  • CNC/Forged Exterior: Every detail matters. The exterior of the shock is machined and forged with the highest quality materials available giving the shock a brilliant and durable finish.
Code Imperial Metric Notes
1569101 8.5 x 2.5” 215 x 63mm
1569103 7.875 x 2.25” 200 x 57mm
1569104 7.875 x 2” 200 x 50mm
1569105 7.5 x 2” 190 x 50mm
1569132 7.76 x 1.87” 197 x 47.6mm Specialized Stumpy
1569139 8.5 x 2.24” 216 x 57mm Specialized Enduro
1569106 9.06 x 2.56” 230 x 65mm
1569107 9.06 x 2.36” 230 x 60mm
1569108 8.27 x 2.17” 210 x 55mm
1569109 8.27 x 1.97” 210 x 50mm

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