DVO ONYX DC BOOST FORK (GREEN, 29", 203MM, 1.1/8")

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For top athletes, It’s a constant battle of pushing limits. Progress can only happen for an athlete when they have absolute trust in their equipment. Our products are built to exceed the expectations of performance and reliability so riders like Remy Metailler can do what you thought wasn’t possible. This is the new ONYX DH.

We went to the basics and took years of rider feedback to create a fork that was performance orientated and user friendly. The Onyx is fully loaded with high/low speed compression, rebound, OTT (off the top) and our new AVR air volume system. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Advanced Volume Tuning: An all new feature taking volume tuning to the next level. Use volume spacers to change the depth of the air piston, effectively reducing or increasing the air volume. Perfectly tune the amount of overall progression you desire. With the addition of the AVA system and our exclusive OTT Off the Top adjustment, you now have complete control over the beginning, mid, and end stroke. Now that’ll get ya stoked.

OTT “OFF THE TOP”: Is wanting incredible small bump sensitivity and great mid/end stroke too much to ask? Not if you ride DVO. Our industry exclusive OTT feature really sets DVO product apart from anything else. It allows you to perfectly fine tune how the initial stroke feels without any mid/end stroke compromise. You really do get the best of both

BOOST 20MM AXLE: The new Onyx DC features our stiffest axle system yet. The boost 20mm gives room for a wider hub for an overall stiffer wheel. Don’t worry though, luckily you don’t have to get a new wheel to use the Onyx. We’ve included a 10mm rotor spacer to make your non-boost wheel perfectly compatible.

HIGH & LOW SPEED COMPRESSION AND DYNAMIC REBOUND: 6 clicks of low speed compression for quick on the fly adjustments. Over 30 clicks of high speed adjustment give you ultimate adjustability for big impacts and control. 14 clicks of shim stack controlled rebound that is 100% dynamic. Meaning, the rebound is controlled based on the speed at which oil flows through the system. The fork will react to what you throw at it and be ready for what’s next.

Travel 203mm
Crown Offset
Axle to crown 572mm
Stanchions 36mm
Wheel Size 27.5"
Axle 20 x 110mm Boost (Including spacers for non Boost wheels)
Weight 2,950g
Steerer Options Tapered Alloy
Colour Options Black, Green,

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