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DVO Diamond D2

Simplicity Meets Performance

The ultimate combination of simplicity and performance. A product line aimed the the "set it and forget it" rider. Our D2 line offers all the better smooth ride characteristics in a condensed feature package. The chassis is shared between D1 and D2 models so nothing is lost when it comes to steering precision and ride feel. D2 models feature a 4 position low-speed compression, external rebound adjust and internal 3 position OTT "Off The Top" adjustment.


  • D2 Damper
  • 4 Position Low-Speed Compression
  • Low Speed Rebound
  • Integrated Fender
  • Compression Bladder
Adjustments: 4 Position Low Speed Compression
Internal 3 Position OTT
Air Pressure Adjust
Travel Range: 27.5" = 150 - 170mm
29" = 140 - 160mm
Starting Weight: 27.5" = 2100g
29" = 2150g
Offset Options: 27.5" = 44mm
29" = 51mm
Axle To Crown: 27.5" = 575mm
29" = 592mm
Stanchions: 35mm Tapered Alloy
Wheel Size: 27.5" or 29"
Axle: 15mm Bolted-Boost Spacing
Brake Mounting: Direct Mount 160mm
Colour Options: Black

Compression Bladder

At the heart of the damper is our compression bladder. An industry exclusive feature that surrounds a bladder with a large column of oil and compresses it throughout the entire stroke. This provides unrivalled small bump sensitivity, durability and damping consistency for long rides in rough conditions.

  • No stiction
  • Large oil volume
  • Consistent Damping
  • Extremely Durable
  • Unique Ride Characteristics

Your Hands Will Thank You

Our industry exclusive OTT feature really sets DVo products apart form anything else. It allows you to perfectly fine tune how the initial stroke feels without any mid/end stoke compromise. You really do get the best of both worlds.

The D2 OTT feature works by using an internally adjustable 3 position pin to add or remove preload on a coil negative spring. Once you're about 30% of the way through the travel, the OTT spring is completely disengaged and you get into the positive air spring which controls your mid-stroke and bottom out. Set your air pressure for how your want the fork to feel in the mid to end stroke and fine tune your small bump sensitivity with the OTT feature.

Integrated Fender

For a clean and polished look that both functions and looks killer. A fully integrate fender comes with your fork for those sloppy days on the mountain!

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