Deda Elementi Squalo Handlebar Tape

Color: Blue
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Deda Elementi Squalo Handlebar Tape

The new Squalo tape is made combining a special polymer with an expanded foam (EVA ) with enclosed cells which is subsequently machined. The microscopic structure of the material is similar to the shark’s scales aligned so as to create a rough surface.This ensures excellent grip in all conditions, dry and wet. Perfect for the Triathlon.

  • Material: special polymer combined with an EVA membrane; this guarantees comfort in a flexible and elastic tape

  • Length: 180cm

  • Width: 30mm

  • Thickness: 2.5mm in the center for a great comfort, 0.5mm at the edge for a perfect assembly

  • Weight: 95g per set

  • Comfort: ★★★★

  • Grip: ★★★★★

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