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So long as your Shimano 9-10 speed rear derailleurs are still performing, improve their performance with pulleys that both reduce friction and increase lifespan. Ours are designed to work with less drag, adding to the power transmitted to the rear wheel.

We have two options for Shimano 9-10 Speed derailleurs. The first is machined aluminium pulleys that start with our hardened-steel races and are finished with our CeramicSpeed Balls—our Standard Bearings. These kill the competition in tests. Option two is machined titanium pulleys with our Standard Bearings. The third is machined titanium pulleys with our stock ceramic balls installed in our coated hardened-steel races.

Compatible with all 9-10 speed Shimano derailleurs.

In the box

  • 2 11-tooth pulley wheels
  • 4 spacers
  • CeramicSpeed Bearing oil in 15ml dropper bottle
  • Sticker sheet

The machined titanium pulleys have a lifetime three times greater than those made of machined aluminium.

The Coated Bearings have races 75% harder than our hardened-steel races. They last 60% longer than our Standard Bearings. Bearing drag is decreased by over 50% compared to our Standard Bearings. Both our Standard and Coated come with the same super-hard, super-round CeramicSpeed Balls.

There is both an upper and lower pulley. They are marked accordingly and have directional arrows visible as well.

These pulleys are compatible with all Shimano 9-10 speed rear derailleurs, mechanical and electronic.

The kits come with CeramicSpeed oil in a 15ml dropper bottle. The bearings come installed with this oil. The included dropper is for maintenance.


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