Shimano MT401 Disc Brake

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Shimano MT401 Disc Brake

The hydraulic 2-piston disc brake from Shimano with ergonomic BL-MT401 2-finger brake lever and BR-MT410 caliper for balanced braking performance sets the standard for cost-effective performance braking systems.

Robust 2-piston disc brake: BL-MT401 / BR-MT410 from Shimano 

Hydraulic disc brake with a high, precisely metered braking force in the powerful design. Opposing pistons prevent vibrations. Natural mineral oil as hydraulic fluid, environmentally friendly and is neither toxic nor corrosive, in bicycle hydraulic braking systems, the optimal medium works dar.

Features - Shimano BL-MT401 / BR-MT410 2-Piston Disc Brake Set

  • Ergonomic 2-finger brake lever
  • 2-Piston Caliper Brake
  • Caliper for Postmount Brake
  • One-Way bleeding
  • Rotors in 140, 160, 180, 203mm are available separately!

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Model: BL-MT401 / BR-MT410 (front + rear)
  • Brake type: Hydraulic Disc-Brake
  • Brake lever: BL-MT401
  • Lever length: 2-Finger
  • Mount: left + right
  • Open clamp: No
  • Adjustable pressure point: No
  • Reach adjustment: Yes, with tool
  • Caliper: BR-MT410 (2-Piston)
  • Brake mounting: Postmount
  • Brake pads: B01S Resin without Fin
  • Brake hose: SM-BH59-JK-SS
  • Brake hose lengths: front 1000mm + rear 1700mm (shortable)
  • Cable connection: Straight brake lever / Straight caliper
  • One-Way bleeding: Yes
  • Brake fluid: Mineral oil
  • Recommended brake rotor: SM-RT64, SM-RT66


  • Lever: Aluminum
  • Caliper: Aluminum


  • black


  • Front approx. 276g (without Rotor and Adapter)
  • Rear approx. 290g (without Rotor and Adapter)

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